It has everything a kid needs for classroom assignments and a bit of fun in between

In addition, automatic updates are consistently installed in the background. Furthermore, the 4GB DDR3 memory gives this laptop the power of efficient multi-tasking. You can explore the options and pick one that is best suited to your child’s style of usage. The device comes with a 10-hour battery life, which lets the Chromebook last a working day. Most Chromebooks have a USB slot, while some with an HDMI port can be useful for presenting projects. SD card slots will let you get more storage space outside the cloud. How to buy the best Chromebook for Kids? If you want to buy the best suitable Chromebook for your kids, you should consider several things such as your budget, purpose of use, ease of use, functions, models, and brands. Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6?, 4GB Ram, 64GB eMMC. With a spill-resistant keyboard, and up to 11 hours of continuous use, it’s easy to see how this Chromebook could come in handy for your kid. For your child that is going to use his Chromebook to log into your streaming service and watch his shows and movies, then having one that will fold over to a roughly 225-degree angle to make it stand as a tent may come in quite handy. For a younger child whom will be supervised as he uses his Chromebook time, this an especially beneficial trait because this will allow you to set it up for him and then take a step back.

Cost: Est. $600. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6? Ruggedized and Water Resistant Design. What operating system do Chromebooks run? Chromebooks all run on what’s called ChromeOS, which is a modified version of Android. I did a few tests on my Chromebook, and while filling 10 of the 32 GB didn’t slow things down, 20 of the 32 GB did. Again, the lower storage option isn’t a problem as long as you know how to manage it (via Google Drive) beforehand.

Intel Celeron N2830 Dual-Core processor. Cost: Est. $210. This is helpful since it is not always convenient to have to charge your computer every few hours. Also important is the sturdy chassis frame and spill-resistant keyboard. It offers added protection with reinforcements and hinges to ensure durability. Plus, it comes with anti-peel keys.

You want to be very careful when you’re buying a computer refurbished. These days, you’ll find Amazon’s listings refer to these electronics as “renewed” and though they may still be the same as refurbished, you probably won’t see that term listed anywhere – so keep it in mind. That means they can take the Chromebook with them for the whole school day. When getting home, they can plug it in and continue pending work. Do not worry if you’re going to damage it, because this device is the strongest Chromebook on our list. HP 14-ak060nr 14-Inch Laptop.

Whatever model you can choose, you will not choose badly with one of the models in this list. These are all incredible laptops that are among the best on the market. A tablet could be a first step, and very often is, but the fact of the matter is that you can purchase a Chromebook that functions as a tablet for your little one and will grow with her to help her in school when she needs that, as well. While you can’t guarantee the technology will last a decade, if your little one is in that pre-teen stage, this is definitely the device that will see her into her first essay assignments. Plus, it is easy to handle whether it is on your lap or on your desk. Not to mention, you have thousands of free apps to choose from in the Chrome Web Store. Below you will find all the additional information you need to know before pressing this very important buy button. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).