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Armie Hammer’s newest ex-gal friend states their own relationship was actually like internet dating a wannabe Hannibal Lecter — since the Hollywood star’s idea of pillow talk had been fantasizing about which of their areas of the body he’d choose roast and devour.

“the guy believed to me personally the guy would like to split my rib and barbeque and devour it,” app founder Courtney Vucekovich solely advised web page Six.

“‘F–k which was odd,’ but you never consider it once more,” she mentioned of ignoring the strange attitude at the time. “he states, ‘i wish to just take a bite out of your.’ If I have somewhat slice back at my hands, he’d like draw it or eat it. That’s about as unusual as we had gotten.”

The reports by Vucekovich, known for creating the “on-demand glam” app Flashd, arrive times after Hammer turned the biggest market of a viral cannibal fury whenever direct communications the guy allegedly sent explaining rape fantasies and cannibalism went viral.

In a single, provided by unknown Instagram account Household of Effie, Hammer presumably expected somebody if he could “cut off one of your feet and ensure that it stays beside me in my pouch thus I constantly got a piece of your in my own possession.”

An additional, the guy allegedly outlined himself as “100 per cent a cannibal.”

While Vucekovich, whom dated Hammer from June to October, couldn’t verify whether those specific screenshots happened to be genuine, she stated they were not surprising.

Armie Hammer and Courtney Vucekovich Getty Images ; Courtesy Photograph

“He likes the thought of surface in the teeth,” she says.

Vucekovich, who spoke after a divorce filing by Hammer’s estranged girlfriend Elizabeth Chambers, tells web page Six that this lady union because of the “Call Me by the Name” star had not been only strange and gross and mentally abusive.

“the guy enters yourself in such a huge method. He’s such a captivating individual. They have this type of an existence and he’s conscious of that and he Tagged pÅ™ihlášení utilizes it in such a way that most people would think, ‘Oh my personal gosh, this will be amazing,’ but especially women, that is style of the scary component — just how good they are at effective manipulation and causing you to feel like he’s never noticed in this way about anybody,” Vucekovich, 30, told united states.

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Making use of “Rebecca” actor’s overwhelming existence, allure and charisma, Vucekovich found herself posting to Hammer actually and emotionally, and then recognize she was being manipulated and gaslit.

“the guy rapidly grooms you when you look at the connection,” she demonstrated. “the guy kind of captivates both you and while becoming lovely, he’s brushing you of these issues that tend to be darker and heavier and eating. Whenever I say consuming, I mean psychologically, literally, psychologically, financially, merely anything.”

Vucekovich states Hammer is a “chameleon” who changes into “exactly whom you want your become.”

“the guy sucks aside all goodness you have leftover,” she mentioned. “That’s just what he did in my opinion. We provided and provided and gave until it injured.”

“He easily grooms your inside the commitment.”

Eventually, Hammer’s conduct transformed “obsessive,” Vucekovich reports. At one point, she and Hammer invested three days with each other, 24/7, once they weren’t collectively, she claims, however writing the lady 100 hours a day.

“I happened to ben’t safer,” she discovered. “the guy sorts of causes it to be like, ‘I’m planning educate you on things.’ I’m wiser than that, but in which was actually I during that? We understood the whole time. I’d this gut feeling the entire opportunity that the was not correct. He’s not well.”