Keep an eye on the bonus sectors as you play, and you could be the holder of some serious winnings. We’re all familiar with live game shows and the potential for massive winnings during the bonus rounds, and Funky Time is no exception. This game features four thrilling bonuses that can be triggered from the wheel, so let’s take a closer look at what these are and how they operate. As always, Evolution never disappoints when it comes to including cutting-edge features and technology, and Funky Time is no exception.

funky time

For example, the NUMBER 1 symbol has a 43.75% chance of appearing, while the DISCO V.I.P symbol only has a 1.5625% chance. We advocate that gambling should be viewed as entertainment and not as an income source or work alternative. It’s essential to be aware of the potential risk of gambling addiction and adhere to responsible gambling principles. Each Bonus game ends whenever Mr Funky falls off the edge of the dance floor.

How to play Funky Time

If you do the math, you can find out that the chance of getting into this bonus round is 9.38%. Start playing by selecting one of the choices on the bet board, including Numerals, Letters or a Bonus Symbol. As soon as all the bets have been placed, the live dealer will spin the wheel and if it stops on the sector of your choice, you win! To summarize the above, we can say that Funky Time from the provider Evolution Gaming is an exciting slot machine in Live mode.

  • Mr Funky can collect an incredible amount of multipliers during his dance.
  • Featuring live dealers and funky music, this disco-themed studio is your ticket into the groove.
  • The winnings are paid out according to the level that your team’s colour reached on the multiplier ladder once the last STOP ball was drawn.
  • The game features a one-of-a-kind DigiWheel and a different set of bonus rounds, including BAR, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.
  • While gameplay isn’t available on our website, you can still observe the game as you enjoy the live experience while we wait for Funky Time live statistics.
  • To find an online casino that offers Funky Time, you can use our casino ratings and reviews.
  • The action is centred around our digital DigiWheel, which dynamically generates numerous random multipliers in each game round, and assigns them to random segments.

Thanks to the presence of Live broadcasting, you can watch how other users play, pick a strategy, understand the rules and features of the gameplay. When you start playing Funky Time the first thing that will catch your eye will be a huge wheel with a presenter standing next to it. During betting there will be 17 cells at the bottom of the wheel, each of which is responsible for a particular segment. Below them will be two buttons, through them you can put chips at once, or all the letters, or all the bonus features. At the very bottom of the screen you will see chips, which have their own index, which equals the amount bet. In Funky Time, you have a wide range of betting options, with 64 spaces on the wheel and 17 possible wagers. Another frequently asked question is the likelihood of triggering a bonus round.

Каков RTP в Funky Time?

Funky Time, just like any other live game show is very popular, so you can find it at any well-known online casino, such as 1win, Vavada or 1xbet. The Bar Bonus is a frequent occurrence in Funky Time Live, taking up six spots on the wheel. It’s time to boogie with Funky Time, the latest and trendiest live casino game from Evolution Gaming, set to launch in May 2023. If you’re a fan of their worldwide hit, Crazy Time, then prepare to be wowed by this next-level masterpiece that promises to surpass all prior game show titles. You’ll be transported back to the groovy 1970s disco era, so don your finest threads, place your bets, and watch the wheel whirl.

At the end of the round, Mr Funky finishes his dance and leaves the dance floor, handing the player all the betting multipliers accumulated for the dance. A fan favourite, the Disco bonus adds lots of energy and excitement. If your chosen sectors are not pointed by an arrow at the end of the spin, you win nothing. However, if a bonus game falls out, then you become a spectator, not a participant, and just watch how the bonus feature goes. The site has no affiliation with Evolution Gaming and is a fan project. All content is purely informational, regularly updated, and sourced from trusted channels.

Disco Bonus в Funky Time

The odds in Funky Time, like in any casino game, are designed to give the house a slight edge. The exact comparison would depend on the specific games in question. Before the ball drawing starts, you must pick a team colour — green, pink or orange. How high you will climb up the multiplier ladder is determined by which colour balls are subsequently drawn. The objective in the main Funky Time game is to predict the segment on which the wheel will stop after the spin.

How can I use these statistics to improve my chances of winning in Funky Time?

Keep in mind, however, that such bonuses usually have certain wagering conditions, and you should read the casino’s rules and requirements carefully before using them. The biggest live game show since Crazy Time – funky time slot is a unique, multiplier-filled extravaganza! It features the revolutionary DigiWheel with dynamic multipliers and some incredible disco beats.