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Breaking the Tinder Code: a personal experience Sampling method of the Dynamics and influence of system Governing Algorithms


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This short article conceptualizes algorithmically-governed platforms as positive results of a structuration procedure involving three kinds of actors: platform owners/developers, platform users, and device learning algorithms. This threefold conceptualization notifies news results research, which nevertheless struggles to add algorithmic impact. It invokes insights into algorithmic governance from platform studies and (critical) studies in the economy that is political of platforms. This process illuminates platforms’ underlying technical and logics that are economic makes it possible for to make hypotheses as to how they appropriate algorithmic mechanisms, and exactly how these mechanisms work. The current research tests the feasibility of experience sampling to test such hypotheses. The proposed methodology is put on the scenario of mobile dating application Tinder.


Algorithms occupy a considerably wide selection of areas within social life, impacting an easy selection of specially individual alternatives ( Willson, 2017). These mechanisms, whenever included in online platforms, especially aim at improving consumer experience by regulating platform task and content. Most likely, the key problem for commercial platforms would be to design and build solutions that attract and retain a big and active individual base to fuel further development and, foremost, bear economic value ( Crain, 2016). Continue Reading…