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What can you phone “When you would imagine of somebody most of the time?”

I usually keep considering one woman and I also desire to utilize an expressed term except love. I would like to inform her that i am experiencing her addiction in term which she could have never ever been aware of.

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The classic term right here is “obsess” (MW, transitive verb).

to haunt or extremely preoccupy your brain of

Take note, but, that to A english that is native speaker this might be perceived as having good or negative connotations.

It is called infatuation.

Infatuation noun a powerful but passion that is short-lived admiration for somebody or something like that: [mass noun] ‘the thrill of infatuation’ – ODO

Infatuation or becoming smitten may be the state to be caught up by an passion that is unreasoned. – wikipedia (emphasis in initial)

In your sample sentence, you are “struggling with infatuation”. We make no guarantees on how well this phrasing would though be received. :)

What about fixate (verb) or fixation (noun)?

fixate: to focus or concentrate one’s attention or gaze intently or obsessively [emphasis added]

fixation: an obsessive or preoccupation that is unhealthy attachment

You should think about beguiled. You may then say:

[WITH OBJECT] 1 Charm or enchant (some body), usually in a way that is deceptive

‘Her smile beguiled Paul, as well as for a extremely brief second he forgot exactly just what he had been designed to do.’

‘When Juliette is beguiled by the charms of Paris, Jean thinks he has got lost her.’

I am surprised that no body has recommended mooning as an answer. This has been popular a term as long as i will apparently remember and ‘s still, predicated on Ngram outcomes. Continue Reading…