About us

Chez-nous Accomodations

Great lovers of traveling and nature, I (Valeria) and my husband (Giuseppe) we are a young couple with two little boys. We live in Rome, but our respective families are originating in Sardinia and Apulia, two of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

The adventure of Chez-nous, our company for the rental of holiday homes and villas, comes from the idea of ​​enhancing the properties of the family, offering our guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the places where we grew-up, giving them the same attention and comfort we seek in our travels.

Our cottages are organized and equipped to provide guests with reception services are able to make them feel at home, even while staying home.

Our apartment and the villa are properties owned by our family, for this reason we pay the utmost attention to every detail, to ensure our guests all the comforts they would at home. The rent of the houses is done in complete exclusivity, so guests can take advantage of the location in total autonomy and privacy.



I’m a marketing and communication expert and I’m the manager of Chez-nous in charge for promoting and managing our tourist offer.


I deal with European funds by supporting public administrations and enterprises in setting out and evaluating their investment programs and projects within regional development,research and development, green economy and sustainable tourism domains.