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Polyamorous Dating: 5 Methods For Coping With Jealousy

They ask is – unsurprisingly – about jealousy when I tell monogamous people that I’m polyamorous, one of the first questions.

Do I’m jealous? How do you deal? Let’s say my partner seems jealous?

I realize their issues. If I’m truthful with myself, my concern about envy had been something which prevented me from acknowledging that I happened to be polyamorous for some time. That I would feel too jealous and too insecure if my partner did the same while I knew I could love many people at once, I was worried.

Community encourages a true amount of harmful urban myths about love, intercourse, and relationships. In a variety of ways, culture glorifies jealousy: It’s assumed that with anyone else if you love someone, you’ll be jealous if they’re.

In this feeling, envy sometimes appears as an indicator of real love.

On top of that, culture makes us feel ashamed when we feel insecure or envious in a relationship, given that it’s usually regarded as an indication of neediness, deficiencies in confidence, and unrequited love. It’s a contradiction that is really confusing!

As a result of this, envy is a thing that is tough navigate for anybody.

Polyamorous folks are in a especially tricky situation because we encounter relationships in another way into the status quo.

Contrary to exactly exactly exactly what people that are many, polyamorous individuals really can get jealous. Continue Reading…