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Stanford scholars examine the lies individuals tell on mobile relationship apps

Lies to seem more intriguing and dateable will be the many typical deception among mobile dating application users, a brand new Stanford research discovers.

By Melissa De Witte

The constant contact of mobile technology has made it hard to play it cool for some online daters. Because of this, lying about accessibility is just a typical deception mobile application daters tell their prospective lovers, based on an innovative new paper by two Stanford scientists.

Cellphone dating app users use deception as being a courteous method to conceal unwelcome social interactions, an innovative new Stanford research discovers. (Image credit: Getty Pictures)

“Communication technologies link us now significantly more than ever,” said Jeffrey Hancock, a teacher of interaction when you look at the Stanford class of Humanities and Sciences. “This paper is a good example of just exactly exactly just exactly just just how individuals react to a few of the pressures that are new the technologies that link us.”

Hancock, along side David Markowitz, a previous graduate pupil in interaction whom worked into the Stanford social networking Lab founded by Hancock, carried out a few studies that analyzed deception in mobile dating conversations. These findings culminated in a paper posted within the Journal of correspondence.

“ Until now, it was fairly ambiguous just exactly exactly just how frequently mobile daters utilize deception inside their communications before they meet up with the other person,” said Markowitz. Continue Reading…