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Mobile Phone Dating Apps Threaten Customers’ Privacy. Benchmark Methodology

As Valentine’s approaches, NowSecure thought it would be interesting to dig into the security and privacy of dating apps day. Like many mobile software categories, dating apps have actually safety and privacy risks — some even even even even even worse than the others.

Dating apps pose specific concern because of the amount that is massive of information saved and exchanged by users

In reality, Ars Technica simply a week ago reported that the dating application with an incredible number of users left private pictures and information exposed on line.

NowSecure recently analyzed the cybersecurity danger amount of 50 publicly available dating mobile apps available into the AppleВ® App StoreВ® and Bing Playв„ў. The most popular mobile apps tested include the immediate following:

Overall, we discovered that nine (18%) for the Android os and iOS apps have medium and high-risk weaknesses such as for instance dripping delicate and individual information, unencrypted information transmission, and employ of known third-party that is vulnerable. Just 55% for the apps that are mobile within our standard carry suprisingly low or no danger.

Those email address details are concerning because of the prevalence of mobile relationship. With all the overall dating that is mobile market poised to achieve $12 billion, there’s a whole lot on the line. Dating application designers should do something to raised safe their mobile apps and protect client rely upon their brands. Continue Reading…