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Measures of short-term loan financial obligation

Reputation for short-term borrowing ended up being calculated via participants’ self-report (yes/no) of if they had ever endured a short-term loan of any sort, including pay day loans, name loans, payday loans, or virtually any kind of short-term loan, excluding borrowing funds from family members or buddies. They even reported when they presently possessed a short-term loan of any type and, in that case, the amount of the mortgage in dollars. An additional question asked “what kinds of things have you used short-term loans to pay for? to better understand the financial contexts motivating participants to take on short-term loans” Response choices included food, resources, education, medical costs, holidays or leisure tasks, individual customer items (clothes, technology, etc.), costs associated with young ones or dependents, as well as other costs, and individuals had been prompted to select all relevant reactions.

Measures of wellness

Centered on previous qualitative findings (from period 1) by which meeting participants described a number of real and psychological signs as a result of their experiences to be with debt, our questionnaire included three split products evaluating self-reported symptomatology that is debt-related. Particularly, concerns asked individuals (1) whether or not they ever “feel some of the following real signs as a consequence of your debt”: headaches, insomnia, loss in appetite, indigestion/heartburn, cranky bowel problem (IBS), hives, sickness; (2) if they ever “feel some of the following emotional symptoms because of your debt”: despair, anxiety, panic disorder; and (3) whether or not they ever “feel some of the after intimate signs as a consequence of your debt”: low sexual drive, high sexual drive, impotence problems. Continue Reading…