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Principal’s Message

Westfield twelfth grade is destined for amazing things in 2019-20. I will be so lucky to lead an educational college with instructors that are passionate and dedicated to assisting our students learn and develop. I will be also lucky to own such concentrated, accountable and students that are gifted sustained by moms and dads who start to see the value in a good training. This is certainly plainly a winning combination that permits us to stick to the path of quality. Excellence isn’t the results of an excellent intention or slogan that is clever. It’s not a obscure value that is effortlessly accomplished. It comes down from a good, urgent want to improve how exactly we do things once we see one thing we could fare better. Our company is spending so much time to make sure that Westfield highschool is going to be thought to be a top performing school in academics, athletics, and pupil tasks. It was said that: “Tentative efforts induce tentative results. Consequently offer yourself completely to your endeavors. The studies you encounter will familiarizes you with your skills. Stay steadfast. Plus one you will build something worthy of one’s potential. Day” We will not be tentative as we strive for excellence.

That we can be even better this year as we evaluate and celebrate our past success, we also know. Our company is spending so much time to ensure our pupils are ready when it comes to after graduation – to be Life Ready day. Continue Reading…

Youngsters, Hobbies and Tinder? 8 Strategies For Dating After Divorce

By Aubrey Connatser

Throughout the Heather Buen, MBA, works as an analyst for a Texas energy company, but to her thousands of social media followers, she’s better known as the Dallas Single Mom day. This year, the divorced mom of three and freelance journalist established a web log to talk about insight by what she knows best – being a mom that is single.

Ever since then, the Dallas solitary mother has evolved in to a life style weblog. Based on Heather, “Today, your blog provides lots of advice for ladies over 35 on how to re-invent by themselves after a change (such as for example divorce or separation), cope with empty nest problem and acquire back in the dating scene. ”

In her own other functions as a presenter and online consultant, Heather frequently speaks with ladies in change about her Four Pillars of JOY: profession, training and Education, Creativity and Family.

It really is about creating a starting point around these four priorities in her new found identity/chapter, where she is no longer in a relationship as she explains, “As a caveat, when a woman navigates life after divorce. The target is to produce a satisfying life whether she leads to another relationship or otherwise not – where these pillars encompass her life. For herself–”

Before finding yourself together with her present partner, Heather’s dating experiences went the gamut of good and bad, and she discovered a great deal as you go along. Continue Reading…