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Relationship Readiness Questionnaire

Answer the following concerns utilizing this scale:

  • 1 = hardly ever
  • 2 = a few of the time
  • 3 = Pretty frequently
  • 4 = most of the time
  • 5 = Quite often
  1. I do believe concerning the next person I’m going to fall in deep love with. ____
  2. i believe that i shall fundamentally discover the individual i would like. ___that I was a worthwhile partner_ I believe. ____
  3. we trust that the near future holds some good relationship that is new. ____
  4. People get throughout the discomfort from their lost relationships. ___me a stronger person_ I believe that losing that important relationship has made. ____
  5. My buddies tell me personally that I’m healed from my loss. ____
  6. I think of this good stuff I did into the relationship. ____
  7. I think that my partner did care for me truly. ____
  8. we still trust that individuals are fundamentally good. ­­­____
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  10. we treasure the positives in intimate relationships. ____
  11. we genuinely believe that I’ve learned the things I must know to decide to try dating once again. ____
  12. i’m renewed confidence in once you understand how to proceed differently the the next time around. ___because they don’t want to hurt them_ I trust that most people “ghost” other people. ____
  13. Things work out of the means they’re expected to. ____

Now mount up your score that is total:

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