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An individual likes you, it s written all over them, from their eyes to your way they angle their legs.

their body gestures changes. He s choosing long stretches without contact

An individual likes you , it s written all they angle their feet over them, from their eyes to the way. Some guy s mannerisms around a lady he likes are different. He stares he leans in, he angles his body facing directly in front of her, he may get a little shifty due to nervous energy at her. Then it means he s losing interest in you.Another sign is he doesn t flirt with you if he s no longer doing these things and instead, he doesn t make eye contact, doesn t stare at you, turns his body away from you, is tense around you, doesn t sit close to you. He simply types of treats you exactly like everyone. Is he maybe perhaps not residing in touch you goes out of town for a week with you when one of? Has it been 3 days and also you haven t heard an expressed word from him?

This isn t good indication. Then he s not going to disappear for days at a time unless he s losing interest if you ve only been on a few dates this might be normal, but if you ve been dating for a while. Continue Reading…