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Ahh email that is wrong they now state the quantity is £297 so should maybe get £2.97, I’ll do not invest all of it simultaneously if We get it lol

Sara – I have rang up, listed here is some info that is additional. Whilst they offer you a redress quantity. They do not specify just what loans that this pertains to. You must e-mail in and ask. Would it be some loans are not within the redress calc? It could take a while i sincerely hope all are removed for them to conclude what loans are deleted.

Hard someone to ingest in my situation this. We repeatedly reported with Sunny back 2017, unfortuitously due to ongoing individual dilemmas I missed the take off to try the ombudsman. We attempted to re complain following this true point however they wouldn’t accept it. Simply logged in and £3500 redress amount, more likely to obtain a measly £35. I assume there’s some positives to simply just take – I experienced an amount that is outstanding of which have been frozen since my initial issue in 2017 – I became emailed a couple of months ago to state this was being cleared with no further payments required along side all history being taken from credit history.

We produced problem back they offered me ВЈ1198.68 january. I worked I accepted the ВЈ1198.68 for fear of them going under like Wonga and the rest out I was probably owed about ВЈ2, but. Really, extremely happy used to do because they paid up simply with time for my birthday celebration, in April. I’m for everybody that are placing their claims in now, and I also urge you to definitely place claims in with every loan that is unaffordable’ve ever had! Before it is too late!

Best of luck, every person.

ВЈ5,400 redress that is potential, i usually knew i ought to have pushed harder with reimbursement claims from Sunny. Continue Reading…