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Yes, Trump’s Detention Centers Are Focus Camps

Protesters chained together during the wrist block traffic on the way to the Otay Mesa Detention Center during a demonstration against U.S. immigration policy that separates kiddies from moms and dads, in north park, Ca, on June 23rd, 2018.

Each time we drive from my home into the airport

We pass the ruins of a concentration camp. We are now living in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota, in which the Minneapolisв€’Saint Paul airport terminal sits close to Fort Snelling. Into the 1860s, united states of america soldiers imprisoned over 1,600 Dakota individuals in Fort Snelling, maintaining them in terrible conditions as an element of exactly exactly just what the Minnesota Historical Society now acknowledges was a couple of “genocidal policies pursued against Indigenous individuals for the U.S. . a campaign determined to produce them stop Dakota that is being. Continue Reading…