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personally i think like i must perform an exceptionally advanced level of mindful care, like, have you been all right?

Sarah: Just picture being in that gigantic house or apartment with all those couches. Like, exactly how many, exactly just how numerous phone cable chargers are in the cushions of 1 of the couches? Like, ten, appropriate? Like, you almost certainly sift through them and locate, like, iPhones with all the long, wide connector, the flat one for your iPod. Amanda: And we additionally have that there’s all women nevertheless left.Amanda: but he had been providing flowers to ladies that didn’t utter a single syllable into the whole episode.

Sarah: Okay. Therefore I have always been hoping that she never ever takes another getaway, however now personally i think like each and every time she’s like, okay, Bachelor ’s in, like, she’ll text me personally on Slack, like, okay, The Bachelor ’s in, and I also get in and edit, like, personally i think like i have to perform an incredibly advanced level of conscious care, like, are you currently fine? Are you currently ok? ‘Cause she

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