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I want to inform you of Which debts are you able to visit jail for maybe perhaps not spending?

We don’t believe individuals should really be provided for jail for maybe not to be able to spend a financial obligation. It seldom occurs, however it’s crucial to understand the kinds of financial obligation where this might be a possibility.

About one hundred individuals a year are delivered to jail for council income tax arrears – the following is an instance the place where a mom was at prison for 40 times before released.

About 30 individuals a year head to prison for without having a television licence – although brand new sentencing instructions in 2017 should reduce this it still could happen, see Belfast grandmother jailed after not having to pay TV licence fine released from prison.

Prison could be the final measure

Prison will not be viewed until different ways to cause you to spend the funds have actually unsuccessful. As an example, a council should have delivered council income tax arrears towards the bailiff in addition to bailiff should have been struggling to gather them before prison is regarded as. In a lot of arrears for the national nation, councils don’t start court procedures to deliver you to prison for council tax debts.

The way that is best in order to avoid jail will be make an arrangement to pay for a financial obligation earlier… if it appears impossible, speak to a financial obligation adviser about your choices. Continue Reading…