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What’s Behind the Payday Lending Bill when you look at the Metro Council?

The Metro Council will look at a bill on 2nd reading today that will prohibit loan that is payday check cashing stores from running every day and night per day. Plus in the times in front of the vote, conversation has not yet simply dedicated to the balance’s merits, but in addition raised questions regarding its origins therefore the motivations behind it.

The bill, sponsored by Sylvan Park Councilman Jason Holleman, would primarily impact Advance Financial, probably one of the most cash that is prolific operations in your community whose brand — Advance Financial 24/7 — is clearly linked with their working hours. And in addition, Advance is highly opposing the bill, since would be the Nashville region Chamber of Commerce therefore the Convention Visitors Bureau.

“You could state our company is fighting it tooth and nail,” Advance spokesman and lobbyist Cullen Earnest told The Tennessean final thirty days. “It’s a bill that attacks our industry — or us, as a whole, because we have been the only business out here that is running twenty-four hours a day.”

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