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The outcome from A.N.N.I.E are constantly evolving as she learns skills that are new and device learning allows her to include solutions off their vendors to improve the competency of her analysis exponentially.

3. Exactly How Does A.N.N.I.E Work?

A.N.N.I.E (Autonomous Neural Network Intelligent Entity) is a “Pure” AI without any human intervention that reviews your profile image compared to an incredible number of other profile pictures to provide you with a weighted analysis of this image and image attributes to help you make the ideal choice in the right profile photo to make use of. In other words A.N.N.I.E is free. There is absolutely no karma or credits to purchase. It will cost you your title and email so that they’ll deliver you the results.

Pure AI can offer a very thorough analysis of one’s pictures nonetheless it does not have human relationship to soften the blow of a bad review. Continue Reading…