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Is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez internet dating once more? In all honesty, the answer isn t even crucial.

Low-rise denim jeans become cool. The cicada brood try appearing from the ground from inside the mid-Atlantic. Tim Tebow has been closed. And aˆ?Bennifer,aˆ? the greatest celeb portmanteau, is actually generating tabloid headlines. No, the season just isn’t 2004, if youaˆ™d become forgiven for assuming thus. Itaˆ™s 2021.

As with any social technology aˆ” particularly a high profile one aˆ” the Bennifer discussion says a lot more about united states than it can about them.

But in which low-rise jeans have attracted ire through the most the Very on line millennials just who emerged of age throughout aughts and resided through its numerous fashion-based traumas, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckaˆ™s wonder reunion aˆ” they installed completely at her residence in la! They proceeded a weeklong getaway to Montana! aˆ” features primarily come met with wry delight.

aˆ?Spring try sprung and Bennifer is back child,aˆ? tweeted Brit publisher Bolu Babalola.

aˆ?If Tebow is back and Bennifer is simply too, am I able to end up being 21 once more?aˆ? quipped ESPN host Dianna Russini.

Matt Damon statements on pal Ben Affleck becoming viewed with Jennifer Lopez

Millennials in particular seem primed to get maximally captivated because of the thought research of a period of time loop set off by Affleck and Lopez. Continue Reading…