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A relationship utilizing the King of Pentacles. Simply let me know your tales along with your King of Pents ex/boyfriend/husband etc, negative and positive experiences.

I would personally want to read about them!

That’s a bit of a question that is hard me personally given that Court cards usually do not represent other folks when you look at the querent’s life if you ask me. That isn’t how I prefer them. As it pertains to the question asked about for me the represent the inner state of the querent. Where these are generally or where they must be looking to get to, to boost the specific situation.

Because the Courts usually do not express other individuals We have no tales or experiences of the way the card pertains to people during my life. We shall state though that I think all Tarot cards are sex neutral, whenever in usage, therefore any card can express either a male or women. A King can just like effortlessly be dealing with a wife than as a husband, the real way i read.

The thing I can perform listed here is to inform you just what the card me personallythods to me then make an effort to extrapolate on which kind of an and this person could be. Continue Reading…