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Our company is dating once more. Or when I consider it, “Holy Cow! I have up to now again. ”

Welcome to the sisterhood regarding the newly solitary woman that is middle-aged. Since tright here are plenty of us here navigating new but notably familiar waters, i wish to assist you to take advantage of online dating to my experience.

We’re dating once more. Or when I view it, “Holy Cow! We have up to now again. ” (Yes, we am quite definitely enjoying this adventure significantly more than you are able to imagine but those stories must be saved for the next time).

After several years of wedding, that might have now been dedicated to increasing young ones, building jobs or perhaps wanting to make a marriage that is unsuccessful, we have been now dumped to the realm of dating circa 2017. No further do we need to watch for a pal setting us up or desire to have the fortune to come across some great individual into the produce portion of the supermarket. Continue Reading…