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5 Challenges Divorced Dads Should Overcome: Browse Right Here pt.2

Unfair stereotypes

Area of the good reason why the little one help system is really harsh on divorced dads is mainly because for decades, there’s been an overemphasis on gathering re payments. The device priorities enforcement over fatherly involvement in children’s everyday lives.

This punitive system is basically the item for the misconception regarding the deadbeat dad. There is certainly a presumption in culture that we now have a number of dads available to you who are effective at making youngster help re re payments but will not do this. This label arises from a 1986 CBS report that profiled a person known as Timothy McSeed, whom bragged about having six children whom he declined to aid economically.

While there undoubtedly are irresponsible dads, and moms, around, it really is dangerous to generalize predicated on anecdotal proof. Empirical information paints a much story that is different dads within the kid help system. Continue Reading…