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Bachelor Party. Good sense says. Moms and dads state

  • R
  • 1984
  • 105 moments

Moms and dads say

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The moms and dads’ guide to what is in this film.

Message, if you have one, appears that real love, also for the wild-and-crazy man like Rick, might survive amazing urge (though sour undercurrent is the fact that all Rick’s married friends regret leaving bachelorhood behind and you will need to talk him out from the wedding). Side theme that aristocratic, rich people are uptight and unpleasant; low-class dudes like Rick are more tolerant, enjoyable, and perhaps also ethically superior (needless to say, imagine who the mark market for Bachelor Party was? ).

Bad part models abound in this party-guy wish-fulfillment, because of the qualifier that Rick, for many their bawdiness, is faithful to live-in fiancee Debbie, even yet in a hyper-sexual environment, and protects her from an obsessed suitor. Rick’s motley pals who will be wedded are unhappy (one’s truly suicidal) in regards to the basic concept of wedding. Like in many comedies, rich individuals (Debbie’s household) are unpleasant snobs. A man that is black — in a racial-reversal gag, an Asian Indian — are stereotypical pimps. Resort roomful of Japanese guys depicted as lechers.

A fist battle. An assassination that is threatened crossbow. A wife that is jealous up her husband. A character tangled up and dangled outside a window.

Full-frontal nudity that is female one scene. Scantily clad “hookers, ” whom do kinky S&M lesbian intercourse functions simply away from digital digital camera. Continue Reading…