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Dating a health care provider may not appear difficult, but there’s a complete lot more you must know.

From first-hand experience, right here’s relationship advice by what it is prefer to date a health care provider and just why it’s absolutely worth every penny!

I really hope you find this video clip helpful.

Welcome to Dr. Kien’s brand brand new YouTube channel.

It is medicine and health blended with doses of enjoyable and laughter.

On this channel, you are going to learn recommendations from all recovery modalities – through the mainstream towards the not mainstream.
And then we’re planning to have some fun.
Through these videos you’ll notice from doctors, healers and coaches to go over guidelines on diet, nourishment, physical fitness, epigenetics, biohacking, and many more to allow you to live a wholesome, more good, effective & satisfied life.

Some tips about what we mentioned: Mr. T stops working 3 ways that dating a health care provider is a lot like Olympic Curling.

Just like the sport of curling, dating when you’re a health care provider is not as sexy or as simple as it seems. Continue Reading…