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Gay Dating Apps Are Protecting Users Amid Egypt’s LGBTQ Crackdown

Imagine someone that is meeting a gay relationship software like Grindr or Scruff. You trade little talk and sexy photos for a couple of times before asking him on a romantic date. Boise escort twitter He implies a nearby, popular cafe, however when you arrive, authorities officers swoop in and arrest you. In trial as it turns out, your beau was an undercover officer; you’re told that you’re being charged with “debauchery,” and your conversations and photos will be used as evidence against you. You can find yourself investing 6 months to six years in prison, in which you might be at the mercy of torture.

This is simply not some Orwellian hypothetical; it really is a severe truth for queer individuals in Egypt, and something that appears to be getting even worse.

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On September 22, A lebanese rockband, Mashrou’ Leila, played a concert in Cairo. Mashrou’ Leila’s lead singer is freely gay, plus some fans waved pride rainbow flags when you look at the crowd—a severe governmental work in a nation like Egypt, with an extended reputation for state-sponsored oppression that is queer. Photos for the flag-waving event quickly distribute on social media marketing, triggering an outcry that is public. Plus in the times following, seven alleged LGBTQ everyone was arrested and faced with advertising deviancy that is sexual. Continue Reading…