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This is exactly just how the concept was introduced by me of threesomes to 1 of my college boyfriends.

I’m serious — saying this got one got certainly one of my exes to welcome a 3rd into our playtime, quite away from prerequisite.

When you haven’t browsed a homosexual porn site recently, DP — or “double penetration” — is whenever two tops insert both of the dicks right into a bottom’s opening. It is admittedly difficult to do, particularly when you have never ever done it prior to. There a couple of various positons you may do DP in, but we won’t get into them here — that is what PornHub is actually for. Them all demonstrably need three dudes, meaning that if you would like take to DP along with your boyfriend, this means a computerized threesome.

It was just exactly how we introduced the style of threesomes to 1 of my university boyfriends. We had been monogamous, we had been young, in which he ended up being extremely resistant into the basic notion of permitting other people into our closeness. Continue Reading…