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I’d no option but to confront my H using the e-mails We initially discovered.

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Iw ish I hadn’t confronted the OP. We just achieved it via e-mail and text about them intially, and then again after I found out they were continuing the relationship even though he had told me they were not after I found out. It felt good to jeopardize to tell her boyfriend in the event that contact didn’t stop, and it had been fundamentally the matter that stopped them it didn’t make me feel better in the long run because she didn’t want to lose that to continue the EA with my husband, but.

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We confronted my hubby with email messages i discovered among them, after which once again in the future because of the text documents showing the contact was even more intensive and had gone on for months more than he admitted. Needless to say, he downplayed the whole lot and stated it had been no big deal.

Both “confrontations” left me experiencing empty with no best off. Because of the OP, I never ever got an answer to my very first e-mail confronting her, and after seeing the written text documents months later on, it is obvious each of them never missed a beat and took no break from one another. Continue Reading…