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Your Secret Love Weapon: The Elastic Band Impact

Text him twice because he’s gone MIA and you’ll most likely be rewarded with radio silence. But, forget your BlackBerry in the home for your day and you’ll probably come home to many text that is mushy from him. That’s due to a phenomenon that is simple calling the elastic band impact.

The idea that is basic Imagine that there’s a giant elastic band near you along with your man. When he is apparently getting remote, the most useful counteractive strategy is to take away a little yourself. You cause that virtual elastic to stretch…and suddenly, he feels the urge to spring back (read: get closer) to you when you do so.

As opposed to how it may seem, that isn’t about being manipulative. It’s about understanding when and just why a guy requires area. “For guys, intimate interest really develops within the areas,” claims psychologist Denise Budden-Potts, PhD. “If you’re currently near to some body all of the time, there’s no space for desire.” Offer him the space he’s jonesing for (either consciously or subconsciously) and therefore desire is sparked once again. Continue Reading…