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The Fine Line Between A Negative Date And Sexual Assault: 2 Views On Aziz Ansari published a lady’s account of a romantic date with comedian Aziz Ansari that she says converted into “the worst evening” of her life. In conversation with NPR’s Kelly McEvers, two authors — Caitlin Flanagan for the Atlantic and Anna North of Vox — discuss whether or not the tale defines a date that is bad intimate attack or one thing in between.


Folks are speaking a whole lot in what occurred following a supper date amongst the comedian Aziz Ansari and a woman that is young because of the name of Grace. That isn’t her real title. The web site Babe published her account of the date and said it safeguarded her identification because she is perhaps not really a figure that is public. Grace claims she chose to tell her tale after she saw Aziz Ansari winnings an honor at the other day’s Golden Globes. He had been using a pin to aid the motion against sexual assault and harassment.


Grace and Ansari came across at a celebration year that is last. They texted a while later. They eventually sought out. Grace defines just just what she states had been the night that is worst of her life. Continue Reading…