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Calling Her Bluff – by Romeodt69 – a husband and Wife discuss a complete large amount of dreams while having sex.

Bully, The – by Don Azars – a more youthful kid is mercilessly victimized by a larger and older kid that is the college bully, until they come to a knowledge, then everything modifications. (mm-youths, nc, rp, v, anal, 1st-gay-expr)

Coach Ride, The – by Dawn – Lori is really a college coach motorist and contains an eventful afternoon with four of her teenage pupils, once they operate to their intend to force intercourse on her behalf. (F/mm-teens, ped, nc, mc)

Business Lunch to Remember – by Sunset – a company meal having a potential provider can become a first-time experience that is gay. (MM, exh, 1st-gay experience)

But Officer, i did not understand – by NixPixer – I experienced heard that the coastline was a good area to cruise, plus in particular the strip along Redondo Beach had been an excellent area to look at later through the night. Therefore, we had made a decision to look it over. (MM, gay-encounter)

Ca Beach – by Darkman – guy at nude coastline has intercourse with a young cousin and sibling. (MM, Mbg, ped, bi, dental)

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