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Bonaparte’s information reveal a much more resilient relationship between CUMD and orgasm than do the Landis data

If once we suspect, Bonaparte utilized the frenulum regarding the clitoris as her clitoral marker while Landis and peers utilized the end associated with clitoral glans, you might expect alot more variation in CUMD between topics making use of the Landis technique considering that the clitoral glans is bigger and much more adjustable than may be the frenulum (Verkauf, et al., 1992; Lloyd, et al., 2005).

The frenulum is actually a solitary point at the beds base regarding the clitoral glans, and therefore would differ not as between topics than would the clitoral glans. Hence the more powerful relationship between CUMD and orgasm in sexual intercourse into the Bonaparte research may merely reflect that she measured the genital that is same in most topics, whereas the Landis strategy could have had much greater inherent variance which paid down or obscured the magnitude of this relationship between CUMD and orgasm. Continue Reading…