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My Ex Girl Really Wants To Be Friends With Benefits But We Nevertheless Have Feelings On Her

We split up with my gf of 11 months 90 days ago. We pulled the trigger but i do believe that if I’dn’t she might have within four weeks, we had been fighting a great deal. We’re both young (20-21) as well as in university, and had been both each others’ very very first genuine relationship.

My issue is that, after cutting all contact I have recently started having sex with her again with her for two months. Her concept. We initially rejected her offer away from spite (and also to keep myself from developing emotions once again), but she ended up being persistent and thus my “other” head won down over my logical mind, as much happens.

Predictably, i do believe We have developed feelings on her again. They are maybe perhaps perhaps not feelings that are rational. Logically, i understand we really do n’t need become along with her because 1) it’s over and I also want to satisfy somebody new, and I also have always been earnestly pursuing other ladies (We have a night out together tomorrow in reality), and 2) she stated and did several things that actually hurt me I don’t want to go through that again while we were dating and. Continue Reading…