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Have actually you ever wondered whom within the fictional globe most likely has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? There’s a subreddit on Reddit that includes recently come to light called r/FictionalPsychology. In this subreddit, individuals talk about the therapy and psychological dilemmas of fictional characters and i believe it is extremely fascinating.

I became influenced by this and I also made a decision to compose up a listing of fictional figures i really believe have BPD:

1. Ariel (The Tiny Mermaid)

Reddit user, /u/mitochondriawesome, suggested that Ariel from Disney’s the small Mermaid has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Ariel is regularly unstable and moving her emotions as things don’t get her means. She’s a self-image that is low she really wants to be human being and has now a seriously conflict ridden relationship along with her dad and sometimes pushes those boundaries. She additionally exhibits impulsivity and self-destructive behavior whenever she would go to Ursula to improve into a individual, which will be additionally a dramatic and unstable identification change. Finally, her obsession with Prince Eric is intense. She idealizes whom he could be and produces an attachment that is strong him, before she also understands him.

I believe that this description had been pretty solid, but this user also added a theoretical description on how she developed this condition making use of psychodyanamic concept.

The Psychodynamic Theory shows that there have been dilemmas inside her very very very very early parental relationships. The traumatization of her mother’s death, combined with habits of no acceptance, neglect, rejection, and abuse that is verbal/emotional her dad might have caused her to build up this disorder. Continue Reading…