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I’d like to tell about Are You My Avatar?

What’s an avatar?

Before FinCon18, I assumed Avatar implied the James Cameron film with a presumably slim plot padded by special impacts (I’ve never ever seen it, therefore go ahead and correct me personally).

Now, i realize an avatar represents the person that is theoretical trying to achieve via this website. This generated some soul-searching that is natural. I’d always thought I happened to be composing for just two audiences.

That is she when she comes?

Bachelorette number 1 is a newbie doctor, earnest and delighted along with her newfound competence in medication, getting into an attending paycheck with small notion of how to handle it along with it. She’s a few of hundred grand when you look at the gap as a result of training debt. She’s in the brink of beginning her economic life being an adult.

After checking out the see one, do one, instruct one process of learning medication, she seeks the coziness she produced from a resident that is senior check out her neck as she does the very first high stakes procedure of her adult financial life: being a Do-It-Yourself investor.

She actually is a newbie seeking a guide she understands, trusts and loves to provide blueprints for monetary success.

Bachelorette number two is a mid-career physician who simply experienced a life-altering occasion: got hitched, had a young child, got divorced or sensed stuck in a rut because of burnout. One thing completely reoriented the compass that is internal lending an urgency into the want to get that work together.

The life span change changed the trajectory of exactly what was indeed a full-court press career that is medical. Instantly it had been depleting to head to work. Time away from the liked one suddenly hurt more. Losing a relationship left a void of meaning and function.

Time became more valuable than money.

She felt helpless and empty, and desired to replace the axis her life revolved around. Continue Reading…