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Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. All you have to understand pt.4

The most effective 5 Lotus sex place variants to test

Think you’ve learned the Lotus intercourse place in every its glory?

Reconsider that thought. The classic Lotus intercourse place only scratches the outer lining of what’s feasible!

Listed here are five for the IDEAL lotus sex position variations ranked from easiest into the most challenging!

Will they are tried by you all?

1. The Pitcher’s Mound place

It RIDICULOUSLY easy as we mentioned earlier, trying the Lotus sex position in a chair makes! That’s why the variation that is first of lotus sex place make an attempt could be the Pitcher’s Mound!


He sits on a sturdy seat with their feet somewhat aside along with his legs on the ground. She straddles their legs and reduces herself onto her partner’s erect shaft. She holds on the straight back regarding the seat for help while he supports her sides together with fingers. Employing a lifting that is coordinated thrusting action, they begin to have intercourse.


  • This woman-on-top dealing with place offers you all of the advantages of the Lotus place without the need to twist, strain or perspiration it away!
  • She gets amazing clitoral stimulation while the seat provides added stability, causeing this to be position really sizzle!
  • You deeper thrusting action that the standard lotus position if you’re a guy who loves to thrust, this position gives!


  • Purists would argue that this place does not provide you with the closeness and strength regarding the lotus that is real place, but who’s judging, right? This edgy place gives MAXIMUM pleasure so simply flake out and now have at it!

2. The Louise

LOVE the Lotus intercourse place but HATE sitting cross-legged? Hey, just kneel! (No judgment right here!). Continue Reading…