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Sex/Life is a bit more than soft porn and it is certainly not sexy

Sarah Shahi plays a housewife that is sexually frustrated about her ex-boyfriend.

Sarah Shahi plays a housewife that is sexually frustrated about her ex-boyfriend.

Sex/Life’s writing can be so laughable it can take all of the vapor out from the show.

Regardless of the glossy and costly manufacturing values afforded by its Netflix spending plan, Sex/Life barely rates above a midday movie that is cheesy.

It is simply hoping you won’t notice its generic writing and mediocre shows if it tosses a large amount of soft porn scenes and breathing that is heaving you.

In addition to show really really loves a intercourse scene bathed in purple and red hues as figures slam one another against a wall surface, insatiable lust to them. Because ultraviolet light is sexy – okay?

Well, Sex/Life is mostly about as sexy as operating a UV wand through a low priced motel space who hasn’t changed its mattress in seven years.

It might probably well win over audiences that voraciously ate up 365 times, streaming it over and over again to indulge that fascination for kink they just acknowledge when a conventional film or television task just like the 50 Shades series deems it appropriate.

Sex/Life stars Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi.

Not that Sex/Life is really as aggressive as either 365 times or 50 tones of Grey given it is perhaps maybe not BDSM heavy nor are there those thorny, charged power characteristics. And, actually, if you’re yearning for the movie that is erotic performs in identical sandbox but with nuance and a story, you can’t go past Steven Shainberg’s Secretary, featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader.

Needless to say, main-stream knowledge states that nobody is viewing porn for the storyline, however, if you’re masquerading as a Netflix drama with a narrative and figures with motivations in place of some RedTube movie, it must be held to a greater standard. Continue Reading…