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During the recording of period five of TVD, Somerhalder confirmed which he was internet dating Reed

For all your diehard Vampire Diaries lovers out there, it’s probably safer to state that when Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder began online dating in true to life, equally their own on-screen figures were practically to-fall in love, we all planning it was a very important thing that taken place since Damon first told Elena he liked the lady.

For a while, enthusiasts managed to lie in their union. They loved watching the uber-fit Nina go the red carpet along with her co-star. It had been fundamentally like seeing the real-life Damon and Elena like each other.

Then it got all tragically ripped from us. Although we don’t know exactly what happened for the seemingly pleased couples, at least we still got to read well known on-screen couples flourish for some time.

But stress on ready became actual whenever Somerhalder moved on and began their partnership with Nikki Reed.

Items Had Gotten Embarrassing After They Split Nonetheless They Remained Pals

The suspected reasons behind the pairs divided in 2013 is that Dobrev wasn’t prepared settle-down, and was a lot more career-oriented. Therefore, after 3 years of online dating, the pair also known as they quits but stayed company. In addition, a surprising truth about Nina on TVD was actually that she in addition remained very professional with Ian on ready. They also acknowledged a “better Chemistry” prize together at some people’s option honours after splitting up. Continue Reading…