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????? NRS 675.245 Change or use of company title; prohibitions.

????? 1. A licensee must receive the approval associated with Commissioner before making use of or changing company title.

????? 2. A licensee shall perhaps not:

????? (a) utilize any continuing company title that is identical or just like a company title utilized by another licensee under this chapter or which could mislead or confuse people.

????? (b) usage any imprinted kinds which may mislead or confuse people.

????? NRS 675.250 Publications and accounting records: methods; conservation; demands regarding workplace or other bar or nightclub positioned outside State.

????? 1. Each licensee shall keep and employ in his / her company such publications and accounting records since have been in accord with noise and accepted accounting practices.

????? 2. Each licensee shall maintain a split record or ledger card for the account of each and every borrower and shall set forth separately the quantity of advance loan additionally the total level of interest and fees, but such accurate documentation may set forth precomputed decreasing balances on the basis of the scheduled payments, with out a separation of principal and costs.

????? 3. Each licensee shall protect all such publications and accounting records for at the least a couple of years after making the entry that is final. Continue Reading…