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The Navient Lawsuit Concludes Without Help for Borrowers

Sharon Granahan says

Hi from the 2 lawsuit I am in against Navient if I refinance my student loans from Navient? Do this exclude me? I became steered toward forbearance whenever my better half passed away. My loan is 7.9% and also been investing in 8 years. It only decreases $1 per month. We now owe 98k. Could I switch loan providers if waiting around for the legal actions to stay?

The only way to modify is by refinancing a private lender to your loans or doing a consolidation, that may or may possibly not be in your interest. Obtaining a long haul plan is key which our we blog can deal with if you read more articles рџ™‚

Pretty bold of you to definitely record Earnest as a possible option if you’re in search of an ongoing business to refinance through – they’ve been owned by Navient…

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