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Sternberg’s Triangular Theory in addition to 7 forms of like. In Dr. Sternberg’s concept, the idea of love is just a triangle that is composed of three elements

Marni Feuerman is really a psychotherapist in personal training that has been couples that are helping marital issues for longer than 27 years.

Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and it is an active supervisor, instructor, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Adore is essential to the wellbeing. Though many have experienced it within their life, determining love is challenging. Few scientists have actually help with a viable concept on the idea of love. One exclusion may be the theory that is triangular of, п»ї п»ї developed when you look at the late 1980s by psychologist Robert Sternberg. This concept implies that individuals may have varying quantities of closeness, passion, and dedication at any one minute in time.

Three Elements of Love

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