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(Closed) I would like to hear your internet dating success tales! :)

So after walking far from a 4.5 relationship, dusting myself off and figuring out what I wanted from life, I joined EHarmony year. Like, 3 times after my separation (just that it really wasn’t right and hadn’t been for a long time – before you judge me there was sound reasoning for this quick movement, explained in detail in another post of mine, feel free to have a peek) as I ended my previous relationship, how amazing I felt and how relieved, indicated.

We came across a fairly fantastic chap. We also published a post about our very first date – which BEGAN with a kiss!

We came across on Eharmony, emailed for the texting and emailing constantly week. We then had an epic 12 hour date and have now been together from the time. The previous few months we’ve been about one hour and 15 mins far from each other, but final week-end he go therefore now it is merely a 35 min journey. Which means that, much more time together.

We had actually available, frank discssusions in what the two of us want through the future. Also on our very first date we had been telling it right and installing that which we want from life, as neither of us wished to waste our time. We have been from the page that is same where we should get, it is been about 3.5 months also it’s going great. It is like we simply fit together prefectly. Which is cheesy being a shit i understand, but whatever man… I’m in luuuuuuuurve! 😉

So can be likely to continue with this getting to understand one another, loving one another, dropping much much much deeper in love stage and towards the end associated with the we plan to start looking for a place together year. Continue Reading…