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How Exactly To Have Lesbian One-Night Stay Without Getting A Jerk

Be good, be genuine, be sexy AF.

One of the numerous misconceptions we had as a new, freshly on trips infant dyke, ended up being it came to lesbian sex that I was somehow exempt from being an asshole when.

“It’s therefore amazing that I am able to have one stands without any slut-shaming! Night” we incessantly chirped to my friends that are straight.

“Oh, which makes feeling. There’s absolutely no method two females would slut-shame one another. You’re so LUCKY you’re a lesbian! ” my friends that are straight encouragingly chirp straight straight straight back. They certainly were therefore relieved that I was finally comfortable during my homosexual epidermis they would blindly help any stupid blanket declaration that haphazardly travelled out of my lips.

They feel so a-m-a-z-i-n-g because their newfound sobriety has rendered them ultra sparkly and fresh when you first become sober, recovery circles speak frequently about how newbies are often on a “pink cloud” where. Whenever I first arrived on the scene I happened to be from the homosexual form of the “pink cloud. ” we was miserably repressed in my sex for such a long time that now I was prancing on rainbows that I was finally out. The problem that is only red clouds of every type is sooner or later, you fall down.

I learned a slew of hard life truths: There is slut-shaming in the lesbian community when I fell off the dyke pink cloud. Lesbians could be wildly misogynistic. And also you, little perfect angel Zara, may be a genuine asshole in the wonderful world of lesbian intercourse, relationships, and dating. Being a lady whom sleeps along with other ladies will not protect you against being truly a f*ckboy (yes, child).

After several years of carrying it out all incorrect, I’ve discovered that there clearly was a certain one-night stand etiquette for lesbians. Continue Reading…