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24 volt battery pack hookup. Energy Our Off Grid Adventure Installing the 24 volt to 12 volt Converter

Setting up the 24 volt to 12 volt Converter

The new off grid system which we’ve in place generates 24 volts DC, which in turn would go to the inverter and it is changed into 240 volts AC, therefore it can power all the 240 volt material inside your home. Nonetheless, you will find areas of the old 12 volt system nevertheless being used, including all of the lights, a tiny pump and some other odds and ends. As opposed to get and change every thing, i desired to help keep it running as it absolutely was, additionally one bank of batteries continues to be working and I also would you like to ensure that is stays running provided that I’m able to.

The solution to my prayers had been a little DC to DC converter (ie 24 volt to 12 volt converter), which may allow us to run the old material from the brand new system. We nevertheless wished to have the ability to run the old material on the old lead acid battery pack bank if We necessary to. Continue Reading…