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Engine Relay Board Hookup Guide. As equipment like engines and relays need high present, microcontrollers cannot drive them.

so that you can drive them, we are in need of unique present motorists. Motor relay board comes to the image due to these demands. Engine relay board drives engines and relays by providing adequate present. It may drive one relay and four DC engines or one stepper motor at a time. The engine relay board eases the job of interfacing external engine and AC products aided by the ATmega32 microcontroller. This has ULN2003 motorists for high applications that are current motor driving and relay driving circuits for AC unit interfacing.

You will find three primary parts for a motor relay board.

Relay Motorist

Utilising the supplied relay circuit, 230V products may be controlled. This area is effective for automating the on / off.

Engine Driver

The DC engine could be managed utilizing this part, there clearly was 4 driver that is ULN2003 lines for driving motors and every provides enough present to manage the DC engine.

Exterior Interfaces

* Terminal block (3pin) –for linking relay IN and OUT * Terminal block(7pin) – for linking 4 lines of engine, 1 for power and 2 pins for ground

Linking the Board

* switch on the board SW1 that is using LED will glow. * Connect the slot connector to your standard slot. * Shunt the jumpers in J4. * Use jumper caps to pick port pins. Continue Reading…