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Dr. Karen Fling. Dallas indigenous and veterinarian, Karen Fling, is an animal that is tireless and a fantastic believer in community outreach

About CAPC

Dr. Fling takes every chance to spread the term on how to best care for animals and she and her group of almost 70 workers are dedicated care that is pet focused on the city they are now living in.

A graduate of Texas A&M university of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Karen Fling has constantly viewed her part in the community just as much a lot more than a caregiver that is medical emphasizes training in and away from her training. She started publicly advertising loving, accountable relationships between individuals and their animals regarding the radio show Dr. Jim’s Animal Clinic and thereafter struggled to obtain various news and became the regular veterinarian that is featured KXAS/NBC delivering segments on animal care and news. In addition, she’s got provided general public training pertaining to veterinary medical progress and choices in pet care, hosting the weekly radio exactly about animals on 1190 AM. Dr. Fling has additionally been a regular columnist for City and Country Pets mag and it has acted being a representative when it comes to Pfizer, Merial, United states Veterinary health Association plus the Dallas County Veterinary healthcare Association.

The Texas Veterinary health Association has recognized Dr. Fling as a highly skilled practitioner as well as her pr work with quality in training regarding appropriate animal medical care. Also, Dr. Fling is voted the vet” that is“best on numerous occasions by D Magazine in addition to training happens to be seen as the “best veterinarian for overprotective pet parents” by the Dallas Observer. Other prizes gotten are the Hospital Design prize and training of Excellence honor provided by the Veterinary healthcare Publishing Group.

As owner of East Lake Veterinary Hospital in Dallas for more than two decades, Dr. Continue Reading…