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4) Unsurprisingly, there are few daddies that are actual Daddysearch.

The application is mainly populated by dudes that are likewise searching for older males, however, if you will get over that, the working platform does a complete great deal of things really appropriate.

My personal favorite benefit of DaddyHunt is that the browser—in which photos of males in your town are stacked like tiles for a chessboard—allows simply three pages per line. Which means each image is bigger and simpler to see without hitting the picture first. Scruff’s standard is four pictures per line, and also you will dsicover that a man whom appears pretty in a teeny, small picture is not once you observe that image inflated. Whereas Grindr is populated by headless torsos, DaddyHunt is interestingly face pic-centric, which provides the city a warmer, friendlier vibe.

Screengrab via DaddyHunt

That feeling is created to the screen it self, that allows users never to just “Poke” one another but deliver as much as six different Shout Outs, which include “handsome, ” “burning hot, ” “dateable, ” “funny, ” “inspiring, ” and “great laugh. ”

In addition, the FotoFeed permits users to upload photos of by themselves into an Instagram-style RSS that provides an unique method to browse pictures of guys you might be thinking about.

Besides the mismarketing, my major problem is one thing that any startup software will probably be working with: figures. Considering that DaddyHunt has an inferior individual base than Grindr and Scruff, it indicates your alternatives are restricted, but growing. Continue Reading…