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RV Funding: Get Smart About RV Loans—Part 1

In line with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), more Americans are buying RVs than in the past. RV ownership has already reached record levels much more men and women have unearthed that RV ownership can help to save them big bucks when it comes to vacationing on a tight budget. An RVIA study discovered that RV holidays and road trips will be the most affordable method to travel compared to other kinds of getaways (travel by vehicle or airplane, leasing of the hotel room or getaway house, meals in restaurants, etc.). In reality, a grouped household of four can get to truly save 23% to 59per cent on holiday travel when they have an RV. The convenience and freedom of RV travel, coupled with having a fully-equipped kitchen, restroom and bedroom available when, makes RVing ideal for couples and families alike. And today, with low interest and many different financing options, that perfect travel trailer, camper, motorhome or toy hauler is much less expensive than in the past. Continue Reading…