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Why Protecting Your Deck Foundation Issues. Nevertheless, just like the majority of things, beauty is epidermis deep.

We often focus on the beauty of the lines, the color of the boards and the aesthetics of the lighting when we look at photos of decks.

Nonetheless, just like the majority of things, beauty is epidermis deep.

Until you are deliberate in protecting your deck’s foundation — the sturdy beams and joists supporting the deck panels and railings — your deck won’t final.

In reality, until you utilize deck tape that is joist other preventative measures, your deck’s wood substructure will start to rot within just a decade.

To help make the much of your outside living area , protect your deck foundation with one of these three basic steps: protect, clean, and seal.

1. Protect

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The danger that is greatest to your outside timber is water damage and mold. A deck’s wood foundation can start decaying long before the lovely deck boards you see each day without proper protection.

Most decks begin to separate and rot around 8-10 years, based on deck builders hired to correct the harm.

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